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RSG Today – Indoor free fall – Dubai

Ok the Random Sport Generator has outdone itself this morning – Indoor Skydiving in a perspex tube, in Dubai

Inflight Dubai is streaming live their Clash of Champions Competition!
Clash of Champions promises to be a truly international event with teams from all over the globe participating to win a share of the record $200,000 prize money!

Inflight Dubai is the biggest vertical wind tunnel in the world.16.5 ft of indoor skydiving space.

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Tio find out more about the event got to


The three-day tournament will see the sport’s best international teams do battle for a share of $200,000 in the tallest and largest indoor tunnel (5.03m x 20.73m) in the world. International judges will mark the teams and individuals on their performances with the prize-giving set for Saturday (November 28).

Despite just a year of team flying under their belts, Dubai-based sky- divers Naomi Kotzee and Shayni Couch are set to take on the world when the 2015 Clash of Champions, the world’s richest indoor tunnel flying event, gets underway at Inflight Dubai on Thursday (November 26)

Competing under the name “Password Is Taco”, the two girls will face a stiff test in the 2-Way Dynamic discipline and are hoping their own local knowledge will give a slight advantage in the world’s richest indoor tunnel flying event, staged under the patronage of HH Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Crown Prince of Dubai.

“Knowing the tunnel might just be in our favour,” said Kotzee, a South African who works as an instructor for Skydive Dubai and Inflight Dubai. “Each tunnel has it’s own little differences and to feel more comfortable and familiar is going to help us relax.

“But this will be our very first competition together as a team so our main aim is to have fun, to learn and to gain exposure – and to look good of course! We can’t wait to see what we can take from the experience and move on towards our next competi- tion. For us it’s going to be a lesson in what to expect from the sport in the future and how we can grow as a team.”


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