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Footvolleyball? RSG today… (Sepak takraw)

Okay, so we found this on the YouTube Live section.

I have no idea what it is called (Sepak takraw in fact), but it looks like volleyball played with football skills.

This is a competition played in South East Asia by teenagers, but very professionally covered, it is a championship of the sport.

It looks like fun though, perhaps it could be taken up in schools here as an idea?

A Semi Final today – I am getting addicted to this – C’mon England, get a team together.


From the Thai League

[su_youtube url=”” width=”1600″ height=”900″ autoplay=”yes”]


Final – Malaysia V Thailand

[su_youtube url=”” width=”1600″ height=”900″ autoplay=”no”]

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[su_youtube url=”” width=”1600″ height=”900″ autoplay=”no”]


With minimum of research we have found this as an explanation of what is going on:

Sepak takraw (Malaysepak ragaJawi: سيڤق راڬا; Thaiตะกร้อrtgstakropronounced [tā.krɔ̂ː]Khmerសីដក់ Sei DakLaoກະຕໍ້ ka-tawFilipinosipaVietnamesecầu mây),[1] or kick volleyball, is a sport native to Southeast Asia.[2] Sepaktakraw differs from the similar sport of volleyball in its use of a rattan ball and only allowing players to use their feet, knee, chest and head to touch the ball. It is a popular sport in Southeast Asia.

In Malaysia, the game is called sepak raga or takraw. It is also kataw (Lao“twine” and “kick”)[1] while in Thailand it is called takraw. In Myanmar it is known as chin lone, and is considered more of an art as there is often no opposing team, and the point is to keep the ball aloft gracefully and interestingly. In the Philippines, besides “takraw” it is also known as sipa, meaning “kick”.

Similar games include footbag netfootvolleyfootball tennisbossaballjianzi and sipa.

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