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Blind Football – Internationals

The Random Sport Generator has been at it again and has found us the International Challenge of Blind Football.

The matches are played on a small pitch and all of the players wear eye masks, the commentary is in Portuguese so I am not sure how many on each team are blind and how many are just masked – I will post more when I find out.

In the meantime enjoy – you may recognise some of the South American style commentary, especially when they score.

[su_youtube url=”″ width=”1600″ height=”900″ autoplay=”yes”]

You can read more about blind football in the UK on the British Blind Sport  site and there are sections on many other sports as well.

Webcast Sport is passionate about helping under represented sport get time on air and if there is enough interest we will look to do a selection of blind sport later this year.

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Bodysurfing -Brazillian Style

The Random Sport Generator has been at it again and todays search came up with Bodysurfing from Brazil.

This is Day 2 of the tournament and is in Portuguese so it may just be best to put on some Beach Boys and turn down the commentary – unless you happen to be fortunate enough to have Portuguese in your armoury of languages.

[su_youtube url=”” width=”1600″ height=”900″ autoplay=”yes”]


Here is some information from the organisers Facebook page, with the Google Translation from Portuguese so apologies for any grammar Faux Pax.


Kpaloa Brazilian Surf & Chest Handsurf – 2016
Event confirmed for 28 and 29 May 2016
To be held in Sao Conrado Beach
Next to the station 13 GMAR.

For the first time we ON LINE transmission of the Internet event by TIME CINE.

From 8 am with the work meeting with the competitors will start by providing technical information about the event.

This is a sport in which the competitor glides on the wave only with the body, like a plank, in direct contact with water, without any accessory, performing maneuvers that we can only believe going to the event.

Some call Alligator (the oldest). Others call Bodysurf (global name). No matter: the name that prevails is the Surf breast. Given the sport in the 80s, marked by the completion of several events, leading even to send a Brazilian delegation, including the best competitors to compete in the World Bodysurfing California.

Despite the inconstancy of events for at least 40 years, breast Surfing never lost its place in Rio’s beaches. We can say that it is part of Rio cult culture.
We can only comment on the “Fish Man” with two full seasons in the Off channel. Program to spread the sport not only for Brazil but for the entire planet and is an honor for us Brazilians have a Brazilian in the program presentation showing all the peaks and interviewing the best known bodysurfers.

The ACSP – Chest Surf Carioca Association – has given new courage to the sport since 2004, holding events organized very well prepared judges.

Competitors do not leave for less – perform amazing maneuvers, such as “360” maneuver often used by bodyborders and surfers, where the competitor makes a turn of 360 degrees on its axis. There is also the “submerged entrance” where the competitor makes his entrance on the wave behind the mirror of water (This can only be performed by Bodysurf), and also the “screw” where the competitor makes the exchange arm contact with the wave, and thus doing spinning in the body, among others.
It will also Handsurf batteries that has grown a lot in the whole country, especially in Alagoas where are held several events during the year.

To confirm your subscription is only access the site and follow the instructions. Registration is open to all who wish to have fun with freedom, nature and health.

We have already confirmed participation of competitors from Alagoas, São Paulo, Espírito Santo, Fortaleza, Macaé and Rio de Janeiro.
Surf Beginner Chest (to 18 years)
Surf Master Chest (Any age)
Surf Women’s Chest (Any age)
Handsurf (Any age)

Mark Victor Rabello
President of ACSP
Phone (21) 98083-2224



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1st Deaf Volleyball Euro Championships

The European Deaf Volleyball Championships for both men and women are currently on in Lodz.

They will run from the 23rd to the 28th of May and feature teams from around Europe including:

Mens -Boys

  •  Poland
  •  Ukraine
  •  Turkey
  •  Russia

Women – Girls

  •  Poland
  •  Ukraine
  •  Russia
  •  Italy


[su_youtube url=”” width=”1600″ height=”900″ autoplay=”yes”]

The Championships will be available on the Deaf Sport You Tube channel all week.




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American Karting

Some karting action for you today from NOLA Motorsports Park in New Orleans, Louisiana.

This is where all the big boys come from – a whole slew of F1 drivers have come through karting, form Schumi to Lewis.

We are hoping to bring you more karting in the coming months, so keep on the look out for that.

In the meantime enjoy this American series.


[su_youtube url=”″ width=”1600″ height=”900″ autoplay=”yes”]



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IKF Kickboxing World Championships

The International Kickboxing Federation are holding their World Championships in Romania this year and the action has already started.

Here is NetV in Romania’s coverage of the event for you to enjoy – there is no commentary so feel free to make up your own at home.


[su_youtube url=”” width=”1600″ height=”900″ autoplay=”yes”]

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Calcio Fiorentino – you won’t believe your eyes

OK – so the RSG spits up some really odd sports from time to time – but this is the oddest

Calcio Fiorentino is a mixture of what seems to be MMA and Rugby Italian Style, while dressed in what appear to be medieval pantaloons and either shirtless or a T-shirt.

I have watched about a quarter hour of this game and I can’t see any apparent rules other than you get a point for throwing the ball into the opponents goal – and that doesn’t happen a lot. There are referees of some form though and the commentary seems to get inscenced – they even manage to throw in a Mama Mia at one stage.

Here is the 2015 final – so I guess this is the top of the tree as far as this goes – enjoy. (The commentary is in Italian, but I don’t think you lose the spirit of the game)

[su_youtube url=”” width=”1600″ height=”900″ autoplay=”yes”]


The rules do exist for those of you that want to be sure there are no infringements that go unnoticed, and here they are:

Matches last 50 minutes and are played on a field covered in sand, twice as long as it is wide ( approximately 80×40 meters ). A white line divides the field into two identical squares, and a goal net runs the width of each end. Each team has 27 players and no substitutions are allowed for injured or expelled players. The teams are made up of four Datori indietro (goalkeepers), 3 Datori innanzi (fullbacks), 5 Sconciatori (halfbacks), 15 Innanzi o Corridori (forwards). The Captain and Standard Bearer’s tent sits at the center of the goal net. They do not actively participate in the game, but can organize their teams and sometimes act as referees, mainly to calm down their players or to stop fights.

The Referee and his six linesmen referee the match in collaboration with the Judge Commissioner, who remains off the field. The referee, above everyone else, is the Master of the Field. He makes sure the games runs smoothly, stepping into the field only to maintain discipline and reestablish order in case of a fight on the field.

The game starts when the Pallaio throws the ball towards the center line, followed by a small cannon firing; the shot announces the beginning of the contest.

From this moment on, the players try by any means necessary to get the ball into the opponents’ goal also called caccia. The teams change sides with every caccia scored. It’s important to shoot with precision, because every time a player throws the ball above the net, the opposing team is awarded with half a caccia. The game ends after 50 minutes and the team which scored the most cacce wins.

The prize is also interesting, because along with the Palio, the winning team used to receive a Chianina, a type of cow. However, the prize has been reduced to a free dinner for the winning team; the players earn no other compensation.[4]



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Boxing Highlights

[su_vimeo url=”″ width=”1600″ height=”900″ autoplay=”yes”]


Boxing coverage example.

York Hall London


For preview purposes only

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WBBL – Leicester Riders v Sheffield Hatters Highlights

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BBL – Leicester Riders v Surrey Scorchers Highlights

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WBBL – Leicester Riders v Sheffield Hatters