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Bodysurfing -Brazillian Style

The Random Sport Generator has been at it again and todays search came up with Bodysurfing from Brazil.

This is Day 2 of the tournament and is in Portuguese so it may just be best to put on some Beach Boys and turn down the commentary – unless you happen to be fortunate enough to have Portuguese in your armoury of languages.

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Here is some information from the organisers Facebook page, with the Google Translation from Portuguese so apologies for any grammar Faux Pax.


Kpaloa Brazilian Surf & Chest Handsurf – 2016
Event confirmed for 28 and 29 May 2016
To be held in Sao Conrado Beach
Next to the station 13 GMAR.

For the first time we ON LINE transmission of the Internet event by TIME CINE.

From 8 am with the work meeting with the competitors will start by providing technical information about the event.

This is a sport in which the competitor glides on the wave only with the body, like a plank, in direct contact with water, without any accessory, performing maneuvers that we can only believe going to the event.

Some call Alligator (the oldest). Others call Bodysurf (global name). No matter: the name that prevails is the Surf breast. Given the sport in the 80s, marked by the completion of several events, leading even to send a Brazilian delegation, including the best competitors to compete in the World Bodysurfing California.

Despite the inconstancy of events for at least 40 years, breast Surfing never lost its place in Rio’s beaches. We can say that it is part of Rio cult culture.
We can only comment on the “Fish Man” with two full seasons in the Off channel. Program to spread the sport not only for Brazil but for the entire planet and is an honor for us Brazilians have a Brazilian in the program presentation showing all the peaks and interviewing the best known bodysurfers.

The ACSP – Chest Surf Carioca Association – has given new courage to the sport since 2004, holding events organized very well prepared judges.

Competitors do not leave for less – perform amazing maneuvers, such as “360” maneuver often used by bodyborders and surfers, where the competitor makes a turn of 360 degrees on its axis. There is also the “submerged entrance” where the competitor makes his entrance on the wave behind the mirror of water (This can only be performed by Bodysurf), and also the “screw” where the competitor makes the exchange arm contact with the wave, and thus doing spinning in the body, among others.
It will also Handsurf batteries that has grown a lot in the whole country, especially in Alagoas where are held several events during the year.

To confirm your subscription is only access the site and follow the instructions. Registration is open to all who wish to have fun with freedom, nature and health.

We have already confirmed participation of competitors from Alagoas, São Paulo, Espírito Santo, Fortaleza, Macaé and Rio de Janeiro.
Surf Beginner Chest (to 18 years)
Surf Master Chest (Any age)
Surf Women’s Chest (Any age)
Handsurf (Any age)

Mark Victor Rabello
President of ACSP
Phone (21) 98083-2224



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