London Lions v Plymouth University Raiders

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Here is the video on demand version of the match today.

We will be live to air going forward and we would love you to join us on the 8th, 17th, 22d and the 30th when we will be streaming full speed ahead.

Anyway here is the last quarter of this brilliant, nail biting game, we hope you enjoy it.


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Coverage is excellent : angles pretty good

But, too many replays getting in the way of live action (particularly after a made basket) : keep replays to when the ball is dead

Hi Dave

Thanks for the feedback, glad you like the coverage, we are doing an internal review of yesterday and we will take your comments on board in the meeting.


Kevin Magee
MD WebcastSport

Thats ok.

If you look at NBA coverage there are absolutely no replays whilst the ball is live (ie after a score). They wait for timeouts or deadball situations and then clip a few together. A high percentage of shots go up within 10 secs of the team getting the ball and even in just the fourth quarter above you missed a couple of them showing the viewer what they had just seen.

Hi Kai

Thanks for getting in touch, we have exactly that in the workflow we are working towards, and it should be happening during the live stream on Friday night. Our editor is making a twitter highlight video as we speak and it should be tweeted out this afternoon, let us know what you think and follow us on twitter if you aren’t already.

Kevin Magee
MD WebcastSport

HI Graham

I am sorry we can’t provide the first half of yesterdays game, but we will be live with the Lions v Riders on Friday night from 7:20pm.

We hope you will be able to join us live or on demand for the coming matches including the Cup Final on the 17th.

Kevin Magee
MD WebcastSport

Great to see action again, really missed it – the big disappointment here was not showing the Jamal Williams- Corletto incident from the 1st half when Corletto could easily have had a disqualification and Williams got a technical for being dumped from behind and through a hoarding onto the officials table . How could you leave that out ?? (- unless the filming wasn’t working). I agree with the editing comment above about missing live play, but good to see replays nonetheless. Also getting different angle shots of plays at ground level adds to the presentation. I think that you only had one camera there at one end, I would suggest 2, one at each end.

Hi Dave

Thanks for your thoughts. The match yesterday was a technical test of a cutting edge system from HawkEye Innovations and has a lot of features that make the coverage of these games possible that were being put through a testing regime. We actually had two cameras at either end, both behind the backboard and at ground level.

We may well tweet the Corletto incident as we go through the week, I will speak to our social media editor and see what we can do, keep an eye on our Twitter feed.

Please join us for the first live match on Friday @720pm for the Lions v the Riders.

Kevin Magee
MD WebcastSport

Thanks for the reply, really pleased that the match on Friday is available, as I may not be able to make the trip down in time for the tip off and I can relay your broadcast from the computer to my TV at home – that will go some way to make up for missing the match!

I think there are many London Lions supporter who were in attendance who would be extremely interested to see Corletto’s assault on Williams again so they can try to fathom out the decision made by the referees.

Really enjoy the highlights and looking forward to watching the live game Friday. The only thing I didn’t like was the score board, it was to big on the screen. would be better smaller

Hi Ian

we will have a look at that – we are mindful that a fair number of people will be watching on tablets and phones.

Kevin Magee
MD WebcastSport

Very promising coverage of this is the standard we can expect moving forward, excellent commentary team choice.

Hi Stephen

Thanks for your comment, this is our baseline, we are aiming to keep adding things as we go through the next couple weeks of our test period. Please make sure everyone you know is watching on the 8th, 17th,22nd and 30th.

Kevin Magee
MD WebcastSport

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