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  • The RSG has been at it again and this time it has come up with some Greco Roman Wrestling form Russia. It looks a lot flashier than it ever did in The World According to Garp or in any Olympic Games I have ever seen. It’s not quite WWF but it is certainly doing its best […]
    The Random Sport Generator has been at it again and has found us the International Challenge of Blind Football. The matches are played on a small pitch and all of the players wear eye masks, the commentary is in Portuguese so I am not sure how many on each team are blind and how many […]
    The Random Sport Generator has been at it again and todays search came up with Bodysurfing from Brazil. This is Day 2 of the tournament and is in Portuguese so it may just be best to put on some Beach Boys and turn down the commentary – unless you happen to be fortunate enough to […]
    The European Deaf Volleyball Championships for both men and women are currently on in Lodz. They will run from the 23rd to the 28th of May and feature teams from around Europe including: Mens -Boys  Poland  Ukraine  Turkey  Russia Women – Girls  Poland  Ukraine  Russia  Italy   The Ch
    Some karting action for you today from NOLA Motorsports Park in New Orleans, Louisiana. This is where all the big boys come from – a whole slew of F1 drivers have come through karting, form Schumi to Lewis. We are hoping to bring you more karting in the coming months, so keep on the look [&hel
    The International Kickboxing Federation are holding their World Championships in Romania this year and the action has already started. Here is NetV in Romania’s coverage of the event for you to enjoy – there is no commentary so feel free to make up your own at home.  
    OK – so the RSG spits up some really odd sports from time to time – but this is the oddest Calcio Fiorentino is a mixture of what seems to be MMA and Rugby Italian Style, while dressed in what appear to be medieval pantaloons and either shirtless or a T-shirt. I have watched about [&hell

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    Webcast Sport has been launched to offer broadcast opportunities to sports and federations that are not attracting the big players in the broadcast market, sports that will benefit from the exposure and promotion opportunities that regular webcasting will bring. For some of the sports this will be the first foray into the world of broadcasting and we are here to guide you through the process and help you make the necessary adjustments that will lead to larger audiences seeing your sport.

    If you think your sport could benefit from being part of Webcast Sport , please do not hesitate to contact us so we can look at how we could bring your sport to the platform.

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